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Recovery From Mental Illness:

Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety, Alcoholism, Narcotism etc.

Recovery From Mental Illness:

Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety, Alcoholism, Narcotism etc.


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Purpose and aim of the questionnaire

    I have previously emailed all of my recovery information to mental illness research institutions in the USA, UK and Australia and I have also since checked clinical trial registers and options for recovery from psychotic mental illness and nothing has ever come of it.

    I have also since given the information to quite a few people in Facebook mental illness support groups and apart from recovery taking a long time for some people who are taking a lot of medication and recovery being impossible for some people taking certain types of medication, it has worked very well, so I can only assume that the research institutions either did not receive the emails, they think they have tried the information in the past and found that it doesn’t work (the most likely) or they don’t believe it or they just didn’t look into the information.

   The purpose and aim of the questionnaire is to provide sufficient credible evidence to mental illness researchers showing that the information works and is working in most if not all cases and that it should be looked further into, and if the information is still taken no further, it may be sent to the news media.

  The information will also be used to determine recovery times for different doses and types of medications, to determine the types and dosages of medication where recovery is impossible and also to identify and rectify any problems using the information.


    You will need to register (sign up) and or log in before any of the entries in the below questionnaire can be saved.  Once saved or submitted all of the entries made in the below questionnaire will be pre filled the next time you log in and all of the entries, including the username and password, may be changed at any time and saved by clicking the save buttons.

    Please also complete as much of the questionnaire as is relevant to you (throughout recovery), otherwise your entries may not be useable.



Diagnosis and any other conditions



Types of medication/s and dosage/s (whilst recovering).

Personal details

Do you or did you get more or less sleep when you were suffering from mental illness.  

Length of time suffering for each condition.



Did the recovery information help at all.

If so please briefly describe how.


Did you stop recovery temporarily.

If so please briefly describe why.

Did you completely recover or only partially.

If only partially, please briefly describe the improvement in your illness/s or condition/s.

Are you continuing with recovery.

If you stopped recovery altogether, what was your reason.

Did you begin your inventory “as you go”?

Did you have any major problems with recovery. If so please briefly describe what they were and how you overcame them.

How long did it take before you began to write your inventory.

(From first reading the information)

Do you think medication hindered recovery.

If so please briefly describe in what way.

Did you need to reduce or go off your medication.

If so please briefly describe which type and by how much.

If you suffered from any other condition/s, did this method of recovery also help with other condition/s.

How long did it take to write your inventory.

How long did it take before you began recovery.

(From finishing your inventory)

How long did it take before you were free from the suffering of psychotic mental illness.

(From beginning recovery)

1                  5                     10

Has sleeping returned to normal.

Your story.

If possible, please give a brief description of your life when you first became mentally ill, just before recovery, and your life after recovery.

Did you have any difficulties using the information. If so please offer any suggestions for improvement.

Have critical voices left you alone completely or do you still have problems with them. If you still have problems, please give a brief description.

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